We deliver quality, expertise, and consistency.

Secret Cellar serves those looking to dramatically improve their cellar selections with high-quality, limited-production boutique wines from some of the best wineries in California, primarily focused on Napa Valley. We meet daily with winemakers and proprietors, exploring their farming techniques, winemaking philosophy, and mission prior to tasting their wine. If we are impressed, we bring that selection to Secret Cellar and on to your table.

If you cringe at the thought of drinking low-quality, mass-produced table wine or grocery store selections, we've got you covered.

“This is hands down the best club for wine made in California. I love finding new boutique wine from Napa Valley and the Secret Cellar can sniff out some real gems."

-Don Harrigan, Longmont CO

How Does This Work?

Unlock exceptional flavor by following these 3 steps below:
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Find the monthly wine club membership that is right for you.
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Tell us who you are and where you would like your wine shipped.
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Upon receiving your wine shipment, grab your corkscrew, sit back and enjoy.



2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Secret Cellar is excited to share our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide, with the perfect gifts for your friends and family! From appreciators of great taste to those who just want to relax, we've selected ten unique gifts for the holidays. Of course, it goes without saying that a Secret Cellar Royal Club membership is at the top of our list, so we won't even mention it.

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Forget What You Know, Embrace What You Don’t

When it comes to wine, what you don’t know and can’t see can make a big difference – for better or worse.

Have you ever heard the backstory on the “Judgement of Paris” or seen the movie “Bottle Shock?” It’s an #EpicFail that runs wide and deep in the wine industry and ultimately landed Napa Valley on the map of wine experts and enthusiasts.

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A Wine by Any Other Name: An Ode to Bordeaux (and How Meritage and Claret Got Their Starts)

What rhymes with heritage and pairs well with fall’s hearty meals? A Meritage, of course. But there’s so much more to know about this versatile wine.

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